Without fumbling No 9

אימון הגששים, השבוע. צילום: טופז לוק, דובר צה”ל

The trackers of the Gaza Division dealing with the increasing penetration of threat Israel-Egypt border. “After the Kiss, the flashlight is the primary weapon.
Several probes the Divisional Officer.

תאריך: 27/03/2012, 16:00    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

“Without no t, Tracker says probes officer of the Division of the Gaza Division, major Rabi kokokyaw 137. Southern unit practised in pursuit based on footprints in the sand and bushes as part of training and refreshing.

The Scouts practiced once a year an event aimed at the threat of charges they deal with daily. As with the rest of the sector: anti-tank missiles, bombs and terrorist smuggling tunnels. Early in the day they refreshed the knowledge for real situation seemed different events, and in the afternoon, the setting sun, they took to the field and showed the skills developed.

Without fumbling No 9

Knowledge source “repeats the identifying signs white suspects as shnavedt sheep,” explains major adefarasin ‘ Kelvin. “Living conditions and adaptation to the Bedouin have all in
Friday “.

The sense that they apply in the military service, and focused on the week.
The groping begin cargo barrier after they open in pursuit following the terrorist puts
Quite a few challenges when covering his tracks or going through solid and dune.
Nevertheless, the Scouts marching in defense and characterized the enemy: height, weight, have carried a weapon, to which Greece escaped, how — in jogging or walking, and when. They know how to identify is it sport shoe or shoe, will step on your toes or even ran on the sides of the foot – like finding a chosen escape this time.

Without fumbling No 9

“We are faced with the threat of increased penetration and rising from the h: terrorists smuggled
Sinai through tunnels, crossing the desert and return to Israel territory. As Israeli intelligence Greece closes the Gaza Strip hard for terrorists to penetrate the Strip and pick on the 8th. So terrorist activity timeline becomes hostile and Scouts ‘ work never ends, “says Maj. adefarasin ‘ Kelvin.

In addition, the methods of diffusion from recently struggling, but with infinite experience of groping hard to beat and they always outweigh the bomber’s footsteps. Their knowledge and familiarity with the sector brings that sometimes are advisory authority to battalion commander. Years of scans and groping in the sector provide an enhanced experience and a deep familiarity with the area.
In that light, particularly in the dark.

“The torch is the weapons of two of his weapons” after tracker, indicates major adefarasin ‘ Kelvin. “It is important that there be fighters first ofyour gallant Scouts then groping. At the moment the progress Tracker pursuit based on footprints is arrowhead, in and he is the first to meet the terrorist. “

Translated from Hebrew