Women in purple: the feminine Empire of armament in the Givati Brigade

החימושניקיות של גבעתי, בפעולה. צילום: זאב מרמרשטיין, דובר צה”ל

Givati Brigade has a high percentage of professional officers, which are appreciated from the warriors. Particularly: regimental ordnance officer.

תאריך: 16/08/2013, 13:43    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

שירות נשים
חיל חימוש

When you think of ordnance Corps usually tend to imagine machinery grease
Mainly mechanics. Well, anyone who goes to the armament of the Givati Brigade expected surprise. Not just at the top of the regimental arms about women, but also the arms shown
The battalion orders are all women. It seems that gender matters in the way those officers, who dreamed of a Givati, dream and reach for the Division. IDF website grabbed them for a girls day time service of armament departments commanders held this week. “To reach such ordnance officer of the Givati was the Summit of ambition for me,” said regimental command armament, major Rachel levy. “It’s a challenging role as a woman, has a lot to do to get this role.

Major levy is expected to end its role in the coming weeks, and leave the purple Division after two years on the job. “It’s hard to leave the Division, but I did my best.
-Promote important topics such as the intensification of the Division in the field of training, weaponry and only issues and projects that my replacement will “specified major levy on extensive activities. In addition, progress during the Knesset service women Division – and she can be proud of the many arms officers.

Women in purple: the feminine Empire of armament in the Givati Brigade

Three of the classes shown in the regiments began their arms
Through a optikaity military ordnance Corps, but in all three boarded the same feelings: they wanted to do more, contribute more and challenge themselves. After the port Commission, each found herself challenging role. “At first it was hard to be a woman in a role that is masculine,” explained the officer’s arm in a Vice night weekends. “It took me several months to establish myself as a girl in this role and many raised eyebrows, but after a few months I realized how to perform and work,” explained Lieutenant Sharon.

“I got into this job I learned to deal with cars and tmctathi at a very high level,” said a smiling ordnance Department headquarters of Givati, גדס”ר Lt. Caroline Cohen. “I was surprised at myself that I was explaining and helping
For men to fix problems with the car, “she added. This case also raised some eyebrows. “Many times they asked me what I was doing here, but I proved it. Real men.
Surprised that I know how to fix things, but eventually you can see
The issue of women in the armament comes in very strong, “testified Lieutenant Cohen with a smile.

Also in the armament of the Givati Regiment Rotem of himoshnikit servant. “People always appreciate my choice, because it is very complex. Now my challenge is to prove myself, “said ordnance Department Headquarters battalion’s second lieutenant second, Rotem, who came into the job a few months ago. “I don’t expect to benefit or better conditions”, explained.

Women in purple: the feminine Empire of armament in the Givati Brigade

In recent years, the armament of the Division learned that not only are not purple, he also didn’t washed easily in oil.
Machines. Eligibility day is a tradition in the Regiment, and held for over 20 years.
Competitions were held throughout the day between the cohorts on the vehicle, weapons and optics. “This day is very important,” explained Maj. Levi, the regimental ordnance officer. “It.
Merger creates competition and especially expressed appreciation for soldiers, “emphasized.

For major Levi, of importance other than between the fighters arming soldiers Division is high. “It is important to connect the arms to the soldiers in joint exercises and tasks,” she explained. The eligibility day is the רק”ם workshop held with Rotem Regiment, and hastened to inform soldiers about.  “You should hear how warriors appreciate and cherish”, said. Among the eligibility day visitors was also the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Ofer levy, for the last time before it is finished.

Translated from Hebrew