Women’s Affairs Advisor: won’t be in oholei Torah

תא”ל טבת-ויזל, ארכיון

Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Weisel referred to this side, service integration and the Orthodox in stated that the two populations rights preserved

תאריך: 01/10/2013, 22:53    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

שירות נשים

Women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן), Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel participated last week in the eighth Conference of” voice “, which dealt with the subject of women and iaduta.
יוהל”ן was invited to participate in a panel issue implementing gender thinking in religion and State, and they were asked to treat the women in service alongside the growing integration of Haredim.

“When we talk about gender in the military – we are in the process of constant progress,” noted at יוהל”ן. Currently, 92% of IDF roles open to women, and they fit everywhere – fighting to service roles in cyberspace and technology. Among them are hundreds of girls, their religious needs.
“The army held up to get the public understanding, they have unique needs,” stressed Brigadier General TEVET-Wiesel.

Regarding the integration of Haredim, mentioned that the army conduct in years to allow significant service while preserving their way of life. “I started to think and prepare for it just now. The army has plans to test a few years ago, and we took everything into account, “explained יוהל”ן to her, raising important Orthodox as part of maintaining the people’s Army model – and they are very desirable population. “there is an understanding that the group needs to listen to her,” said Brig. Gen. TEVET-wiezel, “adding that” my duty as Squadron and senior officer in the system.
The IDF is to preserve women’s rights terms and their promotion – as was the case so far. We’re working on it, and there are very distinct programs. At the same time, the IDF subject objections regarding the exclusion of women. “I will not be in the base will be closed. We try to find the golden mean – no offense to women, “יוהל”ן stated.

Among the ultra-Orthodox in Israel Defense forces agreed on a role type in direct contact with the soldiers, these women do not perform. Don’t be a workout instructor. Also, don’t be wearing under Orthodox or direct command “There is no protection.
That woman will be ICT officer who handles with which computers, course headquarters employees
Or an officer who handles catering and food theme in the kitchen, “stressed Brigadier General TEVET Wiesel.

Clear rules in the ceremony.

Later regarded women’s Affairs Advisor to the complexity of the issue.
At a meeting between military service. “Our role is in keeping a common service and respect for each and every one”, noted last year יוהל”ן was convened a special forum in the presence of Chief Military Rabbi (רבצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz; The education officer, former Chief Brig. Gen. Ali shermister; Squadron itself – and to examine the shared service. Some of the discussions comes אכ”א head, Maj. Gen. Ali love, to examine the progress made on the issue. “We tried to solve this issue — set knowingwhat. As far as we are concerned the issue is solvable, though he composed “, Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel.

Among the fundamental conventions stipulated in the maintaining of the status of women, on the dignity and character of service. On the subject of women that occurred in the past, established guidelines to commanders discretion side. “If there is a national event in the IDF, as Yom hazikaron – received women on stage and sing. The men will not be allowed to leave the ceremony, יוהל”ן sampling and added that” we maintain dignity of all women serving in the military, allowing them to continue to advance and make major role, alongside respect for the religious within the army.

More about women’s Affairs Advisor to the service, and religious that is working together and attached in front of the military Rabbinate.
“We’re doing a lot to process, and our associate military Rabbinate”, according to יוהל”ן, the vision is religious girls can contact the military Rabbinate as well as halakhic issues – as do the religious men in the army. “We did some very obvious movements, and last month put אכ”א places to review another aspect that concerns the religious. We ask, is there too, women in synagogue if their time praying, “stressed Brigadier General TEVET Wiesel.

However, the process is simple and is done in a gradual manner. “I attended recently at a meeting of the intelligence Corps for recruitment to religious girls – and five times more girls than first expected. During the Conference, the second of large bases in the open door, stressing them any question, “said. “The army is important to be attentive to women serving him – with the understanding that they are an integral part of the population in Israel, יוהל”ן talk.

Translated from Hebrew