Women’s army service on any data

לוחמות איסוף קרבי מסתערות על היעד. צילום ארכיון: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The IDF indicate progress in improving women’s integration at all arrays, the array technology. In now emphasize that the trend will continue and get stronger.

תאריך: 08/03/2013, 16:03    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

With international women’s day around the world, even in a year of activity agreements to promote women and equal opportunities. Squadron headquarters (Advisor
Women’s Affairs), Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel, throughout the year for improving women’s integration and full investigations in all arrays. At the same time, researchers and produce conclusions whose level of gender perspective, and this activity is concentrated by industry focus gender info ™.

According to the head, Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Weiner, “since 2000, there has been slow progress but very consistent in almost every parameter relating to women. Various data indicate integration of women in the various systems on the road to gender equality.
“The roles that were considered masculine and time are involved and are open to both sexes, rose
Some of the women from 19% to 28%. These roles include roles in fighting
Like Caracal battalion, lengths, and military police ladies training roles in the technology. At the same time, some of the women were female roles (although were open to both sexes) decreased from 63% to 50%. This is an administration roles, personnel and clerical, service conditions, education and knowledge of the country and combat fitness training.

Women’s army service on any data

Continue to lead. Warriors collection, photo archive

In the current reality, 92% of IDF roles open to women, where roles for women could meet operational mission and serve them with numbers are accepted. “A large part of the roles open to women can see progress on the equilibrium ratio of women to men manning them,” testified the head.

The senior IDF including the woman with the rank of major General – Ali love Champ, who is head of personnel. In addition, there are four women in various degrees: Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel (squadron), Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim (MA wing headquarters to
The ICT), Michal Ben-Superior General (now in רמ”ח), and Sima and oacann cell-(military tznsorit). The number of women with the rank of Colonel has increased from 17 to 10,

The rate of recruitment of immigrant religious girls

Status Batmen array created as well a new reality – 23% of officers and non-commissioned officers are women. Looking on in the military, 34% are women.
“The recruiting Squadron topic devoted religious daughter and undivided attention,” said Lt. Col. Weiner. This, he said, militiamen near the concept to realization because the army deliberately creates the conditions necessary for limescale establishes their capability of religious girls interested in religious life. So as he does it in relation to other sectors and populations. “The girls are religious power, as evidenced by the large proportion of shtvac roles in intelligence and computing departments. It makes high-quality military personnel
And allows significant service, challenge and contribute to national security, “Lieutenant Colonel and expanded.
Along with promoting the religious service, testing of the squadron also to increase the potential scope of the ultra-Orthodox army recruitment and placement in the military service. “If you want to exercise the army needs to take an approach that combines and separates. Need to allow Haredim to appropriate conditions the recruits their lifestyle and their ability to serve, but to do so without the service women get hurt, “said Lt. Col. Sattar, adding that” the real needs are small and can be a solution so that women could continue and fill their roles and that their recruitment, of the ultra-Orthodox. It seems that the large space bar application than it is often portrayed in public debate. “

Women’s army service on any data

“Almost all roles are open to women. Substitute teacher, photo archive

Meanwhile, will the policy denies the possibility to exclude responsibility in women is also on commanders in the field to maintain the character and activity and prevent the exclusion of women. “The combination of dialogue, a desire to bridge the gap, the clear directive not be the exclusion of women and taking the responsibility of commanders — all of which help in the success of this move, a first-class national,” he added.

In many ways, the IDF is as advanced army in promoting equal opportunities compared to other armies. Very existence of the body as the Squadron and the compulsory service for women (a phenomenon only in one other army in the world – Chad army) indicate. “Almost all roles are open to women, and it must be so. The Army civilian life in this country, and we as an army must set an example in this area as well “, said Lieutenant Colonel Weiner.

17% of women in the technical and technological formation

Meanwhile, the voice of women in the security sector hardly sounds,
Due to social perceptions almost always associated with the security issues. “The talk
Is changed and the test for gender equality of the IDF is an increase of women in the ranks in various fields, “said head of who recently instructed u.s. Army all arms unlock all combat roles in the women’s battalion, until the year 2016.
Roles remain closed to women have to get the approval of the American Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel. “Opening before American women about jobs -230,000 rate
The Regiment, and it may also impact on the Israeli military, said Lt. Col. Weiner.

Women’s army service on any data

“These values offer many roles as cyber defenses, running an awareness tools, etc. By anti-aircraft battery Commander, photo archive

In terms of
Integration of women in the technical and technological systems can also vote.
“The great leap was technical — in 2001 it had only 7% women, and women constitute 17% of formation,” explained head of the Chief of general staff, who Benny Gantz, set a target before the IDF until the end of the year, one of every five serving in these arrays will be women.
“Some women with education and technology complement studies in areas such as computers, physics and Mathematics”, said Lieutenant Colonel Weiner. These arrays offer many such women role in cyber defense, tochnithnot, running an unattended tools and intelligence gathering.
“Today we see women there, and our next target is to increase the quantity.

In summary, we can say that the women in service of improving every day, although the road to full equality goes on. “It was the headquarters of the C4I Corps, and I hope that the coming years look Legion headquarters elsewhere,” explained head
Who is one of the ways to achieve this is the organizational culture. “We need to allow people to stay in quality. The IDF also and see the need for a balance between the claims of duty and family life “, said Lieutenant Colonel Weiner and concluded that” if we create infrastructure helps buy high quality personnel.

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