Women’s groups have visited the Centre and confrontation of the IDF


The Squadron, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Weisel hosted women’s organizations head what is exposed to the versa, as part of an Israeli campaign against sexual harassment.
The squadron: we promote shared topics “

תאריך: 11/02/2013, 12:15    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Yesterday (Sunday) in what is (coping and support center) visiting various women organizations in terms of cooperation between the headquarters Squadron (women’s Affairs Advisor). The visit was conducted in 1996, Brigadier General-incentive Squadron Rachel Weisel and women’s organizations and women’s International Zionist organization representative, na’amat, faith and the women’s network.

The visit was regarded-to GRIB incentive general importance the relationship between enterprise יוהל”ן
The women. “The relationship is very important and we already share knowledge and collaborate. This is important.
For all of us that we promote shared issues “, stated General TEVET-Wiesel. In addition, women’s organizations noted that some military development concerning women’s service since the submission in John Ellis Miller. “I believe in the importance and contribution of women’s organizations to the Israeli economy and society, and we have to learn and do together,” noted יוהל”ן.

The visit was conducted on what to reveal women’s organizations to the extensive therapeutic activities held between Leipziger. In addition, the delegation introduced the campaign organizations of interest
Troubling “, launched today by the squadron headquarters in the center of the campaign is about the decline of Bush’s troubling and climate don’t respect alone to sexual harassment.
“We don’t campaign because there are increased reports about sexual damage,” explained Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel, “but because we have to talk about ‘ a minute before – how do you stop getting Bush’s troubling to sexual abuse. The front is the trend.
The secondary reason for visiting was creating dialogue and cooperation between the two sides.

During the year, the military was exposed to what and flow to hundreds of inquiries a year.
“Given that I’m proud of is that no way out of the army he and treatments designed to help you cope,” said יוהל”ן as part of the war in sexual harassment actions, enforcement and punishment and treatment.

What command, Maj. Tamar, presented an overview of the Center alongside a range of statistics about its activities. We provide fully integrated solutions for soldiers and soldiering, therapeutic, “major expansion. The center currently serves both as victims and as information for the epicenter revaluation treatments to open long treatment process. “Within a limited budget and IDF have dangling in clear need of this place and our deep commitment towards the soldiers and airmen that come here,” יוהל”ן argued.

WIZO Israel Director, Sarit group admitted to the squadron headquarters and expressed willingness to cooperate on behalf of the organizations that attended the visit. “The establishment of the Center is a bold step and strong statement so wish receive meaning even in civilian life.
Cooperation between us to impact yield and rippers also upon completion of military service, and the army is used here in a significant role in the preparation for life, whether in high school civics, to talk.

They Squadron headquarters and women’s organizations have expressed willingness to cooperate with regard to patients and patient support of Hu after the liberation. Sometimes the process of ongoing treatments also out of military service. Therefore, it is important in determining community address can help rape victims and to continue the process.

Translated from Hebrew