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משה נפתלי ז”ל יחד עם פקודיו. צילום ארכיון

His command of Alla, a Golani Brigade killed in Gaza border incident in August 2011, write about the pain and longing

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 12:53    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

August 2011 we during advanced training in Golani Brigade. Come rumors about an event in the South.
While our Commander comes and says Egypt border bombing occurred, the only sector which performs operational employment and concern about a soldier’s life.

Four months back – recruitment day to Golani, moved to formation d (units presenting ironic features on television), we ל”עורב” (the company of the Division) and we see who’s going to be our mother and father for the immediate future-our personal boot camp, or
His name – Alla.

At first he looked threatening, tough and big.

“What are you grinning like he did some impressive achievement. A cell controls.
I’d be proud if I had a class of ngbists asylum “is what he told us late Alla in boot camp after partition of Peck (responsibilities) when all departmental class received the role of the squad but he was ngvist (certified for a specific weapon type) as Moses.

After a while we realized who Alla. Less interested him. He was a man of action who has guns and charged forward. Saves in words and in deeds. Was Moses. “Rabkist ו”גולנצ’יק “true” Moses was a commander and a man of extraordinary values – values like leadership, professionalism and caring toward his troops, are some of the values that shaped the character and made him who he was, as Commander and as a role model for us.

Even when it’s hard and we were giving up, he never gave up and always insisted any interest-
Rough running – he was pushing forward.
Rope climbing was-he helped us practice every night before going to sleep until we
There was something incomprehensible, some question – he would explain to us until it was received.
In a weekend lineups when we clean the Negev was dirty and diesel soot, and no external appurtenances are as we seek help – he was approached us and helping us.
Always been there as a father figure. In all his actions, always served as a model and example of professionalism from little things big time.

When we found out what happened, the crew did not believe. How a person like him fell in battle? How Moses
That represented a bad value, his fighting spirit and love for the motherland in the best possible way is no longer with us

Since we continued on our way – finished track, participated and participate in an on-going operational activities, some were in command and part company.

What’s left for us is the memory you – will always be part of us and through daily action by which we operate.

In all our endeavors, the military aspect and also the civil aspect, we strive to emulate. Bad values, cold, touch and rowing are values that we learned from you and we see them on a daily basis.

In difficult moments we derive from your memory, inspiration and motivation to get up and move as taught us when we were rookies.

The stack, we inherited, is with us in every day – weapon saves, set tours, ambushes, sunny and rainy day, is there and ready for the next event which will be required.

And next event – the State of Israel can be sure who will continue your way and defend the State of Israel and its people.

Coat of arms of Jehu, a symbol bar Braunstein and Shlomo baruchi, Raven.

Translated from Hebrew