Yehuda Joshua Glick (Likud) and Yakiv Asher (United Torah Judaism) were sworn in as Knesset Members during Wednesday`s plenary session. Glick replaced Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, who resigned, while Asher replaced Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush, who also resigned.

In his first speech before the Plenum, MK Glick, an advocate for Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount, said ”As long as I am here I will do all I can to stop the injustice that occurs every day at the holiest place in the world… I will not allow the global center for peace and light to continue to be used as a center for terrorist incitement.”

Glick said he would try to be a ”loyal representative of the half a million Israeli citizens who live in the lands of Judea and Samaria.”

Yehuda Glick, Yakov Asher sworn in as Knesset Members

(MK Yehuda Glick)

”I know that some two million Arabs, or Palestinians, whatever you want to call them, also live [in the Land of Israel]. While we built a magnificent country that is one of the most advanced and moral in the world, their leadership preferred to have many of them continue to live in refugee camps,” Glick stated. ”Their leadership convinced them and deluded them… It seems that anyone who has eyes in his head realizes that the option of a Palestinian state [no longer exists], but anyone who sees hundreds of Palestinians standing every day behind fences, or rather every night – with tense anticipation to cross and work – and does not feel a deep pinch in the heart – should go back and develop basic human sensitivity.”

Yehuda Glick, Yakov Asher sworn in as Knesset Members

(MK Yakov Asher)

Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) addressed the 2014 attempt on Glick`s life and said, ”They tried to take your life, to take you from us, but in the end, due to this miracle of God`s intervention, who knew your place was here and that you must influence and give your unique contribution to the future of this state and to the future of this nation- because of this a miracle occurred here, and you are here with us.”

On October 29, 2014, Glick was shot by a Palestinian outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

MK Asher, who served in the previous Knesset as well, said in his speech that during his previous term in parliament there was a ”war against the ultra-Orthodox public and its representatives in the Knesset.”

”That campaign was aimed at delegitimizing the haredi public – particularly its leaders and representatives,” Asher told the Plenum. ”They tried to present us is in a black light, [blacker] than the jackets we are wearing. A year and a half has passed, during which a government was replaced, and haredi MKs now fill important positions in the country`s leadership. And, `remarkably`, Mr. Speaker, these MKs top the popularity polls and people are pleased with their work as ministers, as committee chairpersons and as efficient and diligent Knesset Members.”

”Israeli society suddenly saw the representatives of the haredi public as they really are, and not as people tried to depict them until recently. This helps mend the rifts within the nation. We can definitely see a drastic reduction in the incitement against the haredi public and a sharp increase in the public`s appreciation for the work of its representatives,” Asher said.