Yom Kippur-stop, think and more continue

תא”ל הרב רפי פרץ, צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Yom Kippur is a time of deepening. Give us time to stop,
To sit and reflect on the year that has passed and the year that will be. The Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, a special licence to commanders and soldiers.

תאריך: 13/09/2013, 12:39    
מחבר: הרב הצבאי הראשי, תא”ל הרב רפי פרץ

Sometimes we feel like the sprinters who join the race of life.
In high school, College, military college to work. During the free culture offers recreational space on the Internet and social networks, and enables one moment to be with himself.

Also demanding sweeping military reality. Exercises, training ranges, lessons, saves, ambushes and Chaser-chasing mission task.

In reality, the person does not have a minute to sit down with himself and watch: what are the values for which I live? What is my mission? What I do as part of surviving in exile from generations long ancestral country so seat in order to fulfill his mission?

Lance “mesillat yesharim,” explains that the evil interference advice Pharaoh said: “respect the people. And suspend the false “(exodus, Thu, 9). The interference tasks
The work of Israel, so I don’t have time to sit and think about their national vision, values her life and reality they wish for themselves.

Yom Kippur is a time of deepening. Give us time to stop, sit back and reflect on the year that has passed and the year that will be. Have you moved? I lived with her mother in light of the significant values? If I get good decisions for myself to change it now?

If asked to choose one central thing for which people regret on Yom Kippur, define
It: regret is not fully redeemed myself for real. I didn’t use any mental powers, and gave enough good to those around me. It’s time to make good decisions
New year so that we can move forward, because this is a safety feature to keep moving forward.

Therefore, things done Bein Adam l’chavero is appropriate and proper to ask for forgiveness. Yom Kippur is a wonderful opportunity to make peace between each other. Apologize sincerely to people we know that hit them. Bad words, defamation, lack of
Listening, for honoring parents or inconsiderate friends. According to this approach, we are bad in many fraternity and the army in particular and with Israel at all, and as we all know, is a central element in the combat force.

When the temple stood on the stand, the main event was the work of the day of Atonement in the temple, which won the high priest. The holy place in the temple, known as the “Holy of Holies”, the high priest only once a year on Yom Kippur. To the most holy place, the Holy time, entered a Aaron Cohen, special trait “love peace and pursuing peace, loving the people and victims of Torah.” It is a birth of priest-love.

The holiness of the priest emerges from Israel’s sacred: “and you will be to me a Kingdom of priests
And a Holy nation “(exodus, 19, 6). His mission and his devotion to him are his ticket to the Holy of Holies, as says “this will come into the holy place” Aaron

Soldiers and commanders,

Got to be messengers for the nation Israel. Not exactly chosen, but in practice it.
Doing hard work along the borders of the State of Israel and to protect us against all and harassing. Large representatives we bsharit power generation, after the horrors of Auschwitz and Birkenau, gave us the Apostles and said continued, build, without fear and intimidation.

You, dear soldiers, see pirutz the race Apostles. The State of Israel is strong and flourishing-company and moral right and duty. All thanks to the devotion and love of Israel each lavished on his friend and him. This is how to swim the day of Atonement, faith, fellowship and companionship.


Translated from Hebrew