You are only granted a security system cellular devices of the IDF

From cellular phones will be week of IDF officers and warrant officers for “Cellcom” selected after tender. Dedicated service centre will provide phone support to military customers

תאריך: 30/07/2012, 17:14    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

On Wednesday this week will begin the process to Cellcom’s cell: projected several months later and all users of cellular phones.
The Israeli military will benefit from new devices that comply with the radiation device. Be broadband distribution by entitlement levels set by the army.

Currently users, IDF officers and NCOs with Motorola mainly networking is communication “Mears” After the tender, won by Cellcom “communications provider.

During the coming months will gradually and IDF officers a new device in one of the eight distribution centres spread all over the country, from North Camp Shimshon (Golani junction) to Nathan in camp (beer). For migration, founded Internet portal to order instruments, through which they all IDF new subscriptions to the devices they are entitled.

This is the one of the most complex logistical projects in communication in Israel.
Therefore, he included a comprehensive staff work of computer service Directorate and the Ministry of Defense for months.
Long. The main emphasis is that the move required operations and coordination work between “civilian” Army “was needed in the training of officials, specific customer service hotline dedicated to IDF needs, match your mobile devices demands, maintaining security devices, devices distribution program, the thickening missions etc.

Due to the inherent security in transition to new cellular company, it was decided that only granted a security system designed to store and protect the subscriber devices. It can be
To secure the data found on the devices. Also, you won’t be able to move cards
SIM (sim) to another device.

Meanwhile, a central requirement in the tender was smart devices technology capabilities
. The IDF determined eligibility for steps certain models depending on rank. However, it is possible
Will upgrade to more advanced models but this will involve an additional fee.

In order to provide a high level of service, the telephone service center dedicated to the IDF to give subscribers and phone support. All service centers of the company available to soldiers and officers for routine service, repair service. Besides, established a focal point dedicated services to teleprocessing military personnel.

The Israeli media, as stipulated in the tender:

5.9 cents a minute conversation – funding for IDF account (depending on eligibility).
Calls inside VPN mobile and stationary IDF – free of charge.
350 text messages (SMS) to all destinations. 0.34 cents a message from the -351 message.
Monthly fees totaling $ 16.24 on account.
120 MB.
Prices include VAT 10%.

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