You choose the last song on the album of the Israeli Cantor

סא”ל שי אברמסון. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson never stops accepting requests for listening of songs. In days.
He is recording again, and decided that surfers will determine the final song on the album

תאריך: 22/05/2012, 21:10    
מחבר: שיר בויקו, ענף תקשורת דובר צה”ל

This summer will mark the Israeli Cantor Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson four years on the job. Cantor known ritual IDF officials decided to record a second album. “I think the perception is correct, and that the IDF will ahazn in production of records used to connect soldiers and commanders within the tradition, Zionism and the values
The State of Israel, “he says.

After receiving numerous comments from various ceremonies idlers decided Cantor record and binds. The first release called “Hello” and features a collection of recordings of events and ceremonies in which he appeared. The record’s producer Shlomo along with the choir and Orchestra conducted by SFI Dr. Mordechai Sobol and musical producer Ofir Sobol.

The new album includes songs, cantorial songs from grassroots pop and even a song in Yiddish. “The entire record which included the selection of various songs done as part of the goals and the Kuwait military Rabbinate as part of our goal to strengthen the fighting spirit of commanders,” says Lieutenant Colonel Abramson.

Cantor first decided to open the last song selection on the public record.
“All my work is around the desire to connect and strengthen communication with the public, nothing more than an opening the selection one of the songs on the record to the public,” he says.
“There are very important to me to record of the Israeli Cantor chazzanut alongside Israeli classics and turn the music way, IDF commanders and soldiers and the general public on all issues.”

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