You won’t believe how much of a rest would be the best.

Short waiting times on the phone and recruiting offices and controlling the recruitment process using mobile device: the army recruitment process relating to link against Soloman is expected to undergo a revolution.

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


Already in the first half of the year 2016 will be launched, new website optimized for mobile phone, which replaces “outweigh” uniforms as part of “recruitment
The network “will step up communication across army Soloman. “We will be accessible online as per civil society”, said Commander, Colonel Eran Monday.
“Soloman can be monitored and controlled his recruitment process using the mobile device.

You won’t believe how much of a rest would be the best.

Using the new site will Soloman move their registration times independently by appointment system. In addition,
Relevant documents such as medical certificates or didactic moved to recruitment through the mobile device document and upload to the site. “The applicants can send us documents through the unlocked-just copy and send instead of faxing or bring documents in the bag, who moved from the world and still serve us today,” Commander.

The fax device is complete separation in the coming year,
In order to ensure that the recruitment process for the youth. “A year ago I set that we should switch to e-mails, but soon realized that the old email-civilian companies work with WhatsApp, shared second Colonel “Our problem is that we find it difficult to beat the youth, but we try to be there and be relevant.

The new site will allow prospective to chat with representatives from information and service. In addition, each candidate’s personal timeline that appears see
His place in the recruitment process. “Within the site represented a timeline where you can see Soloman which sorts before so what awaits him later-day face first to the draft decree, Colonel other pirate


To reduce the amount of telephone inquiries in half.

The new site will not answer the call, but will limit the number of applicants. “If you are of right through the site, or no longer have a reason to call,” explained Commander. Today you receive at the Center and about 5,000 inquiries a day, one out of three inquiries regarding registration for examinations.

In the future, it will be able to control themselves in changing the registration times, watching the best that many calls will drop by approximately 1,500 to 2,000 calls a day on this topic alone. “To make the telephone calls that unlikely, but in the long term I’d like to reduce the amount of leads in half,” said Colonel two.

You won’t believe how much of a rest would be the best.

Another step to upgrade the service and information is
Add robotic voice recognition system. Here’s how it works: when you call the center of sympathize and displays its party before responding by delegate, you identify the question and hope to turn the caller automatically to the relevant answer. “The intention is
Invest a minimum time in conversation with customer service rep, “explained Colonel two. “We understand that
Some of them can get rid of using the technology.

Already we can see a significant improvement in the service and information centre – two years decreased the percentage of the calls are from 26 per cent to less than seven percent. In addition, two years ago was about the average waiting time for a chat with a representative
On four minutes (during rush hour can come for half an hour)-currently about an average waiting time of 37 seconds. “We have learned to understand the questions and furnish Windowss in specific areas of practice,” explained Colonel other. In addition, during periods when spectators rush, as in the days after assignment to messages (including prospective
Jump the number of 911 calls about 9,000), ithogber.

Waiting times shorten recruitment offices.
At the end of a three year process that was launched, Soloman to the recruitment process passes completely different from akeim today. “Soloman receives an SMS message to his mobile phone, and when it comes to scour his barcode Bureau”, Colonel other. Within the Bureau, similar to Waze who can load manager Jackie. Today more than half the time that prospective is the recruitment he waits-way me is intolerable. “

“Contact with the youth is necessary.”

Another area where the unit is expected to infect the civil market is network monitoring-Mangan tracking network and recruitment processes. Civilian agencies, representatives of the service call each customer who wrote about the dissatisfaction of the company throughout the network. “Today in the civil market, there’s no way a customer complains about a member of a forum or on Facebook and that indication,” he said.

“People also joined the army if we don’t give good service”, said Colonel other difference, but found that when I let shanitor will get an hour of network publishing difficulties in communicating across the army’s phone service representative, who will help him solve the problem.
“With young people is necessary,” the Commander of the camps. “If we don’t manage that relationship properly someday and lose them. They joined because it is law, but lose their cooperation and thus make them less well and send them to their recruitment targets less suitable “.

Translated from Hebrew