After intensive investigation had filed writs against a minor and 18 suspected of involvement in the murder in the murder investigation of aprilbakvot ausidon Jubilee, were today (Tuesday) charges and requests for detention until the end of proceedings against a juvenile and 18 girl slept in the District Court in Nazareth. Also, for publishing details of the investigation.

On 16.4.16, a.m., reported about 100 wounded in serious condition in Moreh in Afula, the wounded man was evacuated to a hospital in Afula and ה”עמק” after prolonged resuscitation efforts was pronounced dead.

Police arrived at the scene, close to the scene and began to perform preliminary investigation, meanwhile, were called to the scene police forces, mobile laboratory units, the northern command and the first data analysis. the scene discovered that the deceased came to Moreh in Afula with friends to meet a girl and then never came back.

The investigation team found the details of the deceased girl who asked to meet with her and a few hours later spotted the girl near near the scene. The initial sraprts about the event and the names of other partners associated with this event, where the name of a minor suspect against whom an indictment.

Intensive investigation of homicide in the North indicate that the defendant (a minor) and the deceased, both residents of Israel, were in deep ties of friendship from childhood. Last year the conflict between tagle and severed ties. The defendant, in this case, a resident of Katzrin, moved to Israel with a friend in Moreh, and knew the defendant minor through Facebook.

At some stage against the backdrop of the disconnection between the defendant, the defendant decided that he wanted to kill the deceased. To implement the decision, the defendant coaxed the defendant and urged to contact, via phone calls and correspondence, and open it to reach.

The girl turned to the deceased by using social networks and presented herself as someone who wants to see him alone in her apartment and offered him smoking with drugs. While the deceased refused to meet her. At the same time has worked the defendant all the calls and emails with the deceased and the defendant instructed her how to lure him to a house where she lives.

It is important to note that, according to the investigative materials, saw the defendant never before an event, and not responding to messages first. The day of the murder, time: 51 a.m. replied late for defendant via Facebook that goes to her apartment and it has updated the defendant minor about it close to 2 a.m. met the defendant and the defendant close to home, the defendant entered the home of the defendant and they agreed not to include deceased apartment and accused the minor fell down and hurt him.

Close to 3 am came late with two friends and Hill got out of the car near the defendant’s apartment. The defendant met the deceased, are embracing which led him towards the stairs of her building. The defendant to deceased ambush in the stairwell which is just yards from where the deceased and the defendant met, and when they reached the defendant staircase with a covered face asked defendant to leave and stabbed the deceased on his chest a deep stabbing a 6.5 cm.

The defendant left the deceased wallow demo and left the area. The stabbing was fatal stab hit directly in the heart of the deceased. Later, the defendant corresponded with the defendant and others discount it to delete the incriminating correspondence.

The indictment against minor offenses of submitted murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to murder and obstruction of Justice moves. The indictment against the accused was submitted in respect of transfers: kidnapping, assault causing injury, conspiracy to murder and obstruction of Justice moves.

Translated from Hebrew