“You’re here to think.”

צילום: איתמר מואטי, דובר צה”ל

Towards the final attendance to air defense, air force formation defense cadets to visit means a strange people, followed by Commander vowed more valid in festive event

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מחבר: תמרה בן נתן

“Why are you here?” asks Colonel Yoni Marom, Commander Sayeda in strange people (air defense), the bewildered rookies. “We are here to secure the settlement and prevent terrorist activity, Sir!”, season one, eyes lowered to the floor.
“The conversation flow for right now, you don’t have to call me Sir,” explains Col. Merom. “But
I am looking for an answer a little thicker. Why are you here? Someone? “

Silence. “Sharpen my question,” says Sir. “The most important thing you need to be a warrior? What separates you from the professionals in the military chain-another brave novice decides to try his luck. “We should always be vigilant, look around on the ground,” he says carefully. A strange people, including nods thoughtfully and constant: “you need to think. First of all, to think. And it is here. “

Before swearing in the Western Wall Plaza, a strange people visit the Tower Defense cadets a week securing their communities. It was the last week in boot stage.
It’s been an arduous campaign followed the length of 13 km to get to this moment where they become officially rookies.

“I’m making sure to get each אבט”ש at this stage of the boot camp when I see how Greece
This affects the prospects, “says the Colonel. “This sequence, the climax and the difficulty to the point they realize they’re part of a very important mission affecting the readiness and desire. When you see this product does something to them, being treated seriously and talk to them at eye level.

Colonel Dan explains that he visits attempting to hone key points among rookies, to help them cope with future tasks. “I tell them to think,” he clarifies. “Fighters acting on instinct. No computer actions they can act; They need to be able to analyze each situation, sometimes in a few seconds, and respond accordingly. This is exactly the type of thinking I’m trying to move them they no more killing, and laachtot they get tremendous impact. “

Not obvious.

The dust and the sweat, the pain is over (for now). At the inauguration held this week (b) at the Western Wall Plaza, about 130 PSI cycle defense cadets March 2011 the State of Israel and its army in a festive event. “Today, in this holy place is the perfect combination of strength and spirit, you pass the most significant stages in the service
“Open the Tower Chief, Brigadier General Doron gavish. “We are in a period of challenges, which become increasingly difficult. During such an unobtrusive air defense in full force and abilities. An array from now you are an integral part of it. ”
The General added that expressed his appreciation towards the families of the soldiers, without education and values
I have them, he wouldn’t have come this far.

“Warriors of the State of Israel is not something obvious,” he continued. “Many of our neighbors see us planted a stranger and want our destruction. Today you are joining to the stands in the heart of country name protection. This is our responsibility, as it’s own risk, the strength of the State of Israel. “

Translated from Hebrew