The ceremony was held in command substitution, command תנ”צ now in the hands of תנ”צ alkalaitecs held command substitution tilapia yesterday (Wednesday) in the Negev desert, during which he received give stands
Gave the command entered on space at the hands of Chief Amnon alkalai. After two years of command.
The underground space, is the Deputy Commander of alkali Central.

The ceremony.
Conducted in the presence of the Commander of the southern district police commander David, retired Chief bentzi Sao, representatives
Senior staff members of the Southern District, representatives of the private sector, representatives of States, and command.
South, authorities, police officers, volunteers, retirees and bereaved families.

The ceremony carried good-byes sub is the Chief alkali goes: “space is the space that consists of officers and professional officers, comfort animals
That required complex and challenges them successfully.

Later, spoke the incoming Commander, Commissioner gave “entered in a big responsibility I stand in front of you and get
Take away the right to command and space to maintain the safety and quality of life for all.
Residents of the region and his critics “.

The Southern District Commissioner David bittan greeted the incoming and outgoing Commander, saying: ״אמנון, led
Space professional achievements while at the Center and leave you with a strong cohesive

“You, Nathan, good luck on your choice as Commander of the space and I
Rest assured that you are familiar with how to operate and lead the wipe “achievements. Your team ritual naimo folklore of southern province and two middle school students from attending
Segev Shalom ausma and Yasser singing the song ״עוד Hi us imports. “

Let is given in, 53, entered three years ago. Born in the city of Beit Shemesh and currently lives in Rishon Lezion. BA in political science and a master’s degree in the social sciences and national security at the University of Haifa. Afshin תנ”צ joined the Israel Police in 1984 to EOD role in follow-up to the military service that included, among other things, reg command roles.

In 1991 went to OCs him to sabotage officer in Gaza. Between the years 1995-2006 served in various leadership roles in sabotage and in 2006 was appointed Operations Directorate officer in Moriah, Jerusalem. In 2008, afshin תנ”צ was appointed head of police tampering. After this role, went to College for national security. After graduating in 2012, was appointed Chief Ayalon space in Tel Aviv District, starting with his role as Commander of the southern Negev district wide.

Translated from Hebrew