After both project cycles for adolescents held in a festive ceremony in the presence of the Chief of police and Chief of machozaium
(V) came to an end two RES projects (Israel Police for youth) in schools
Number of Tel Aviv-yafo.

The ceremony.
The first took place in the presence of the Chief of police Ronnie relations 212, Tel Aviv District Commander major general
Moshe (Chico) Edri, the police officers and the Director of the dignitary mishlma to Jaffa Mr. Ami Katz.
The ceremony took place at the אג’יאל school in Jaffa. 27 freshmen she ‘ graduates of the project together with the COP.
רס”ב Samuel arbid community received the blessing of the school director and the Chief’s blessing
The police.

The Police Commissioner,
Relations 212, he noted that not all who committed an offense should be catalogued as perpetrator, particularly
When it comes to teens. The role of the police is to lend a guiding hand and supportive and help return
The youth course. The goal of the project is important in building trust in the company as a basis for life.

School-Mr. Jalal, said what the residents of Jaffa’s desire to belong, to fit in.
And lead me project and that is exactly the confidence builder step children so need.

The ceremony.
II held at school praises an example. The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Tel Aviv District Commander Moshe (Chico)
Edri, acting open space נצ”מ Commander Danny levy, Chief Deputy server station dawn Hamdi,
Multi County Rabbi Eliyahu crutch, police officers and school personnel. Under 15 graduates of officer
רס”ב Ryan Korn community participated in the most exciting graduation.

Tel Aviv District Police Commander Moshe (Chico), 585 and specify that one action
The police officers themselves is lowering barriers and checkpoints and produces a better understanding of
The important relationship between community police. The District Commander told graduates that since police began searching
The project, about 9,500 boys and girls finished, about 450 of them joined the Army (mostly units
Fighting vehicles) and over 80 adults also enlisted and officers serve as Israel Police. The District Commander.
Wished the project success and said that the police are going to them and helps them as necessary even further
The way.

Welcoming school and noted that this is the third incarnation of the project held
At the shevach mofet. Cooperation with the police done so prolific and outspoken, is
Space for everyone and generates better citizens.

Translated from Hebrew