On Monday, May 30, 2016, 5 tons of dates stored under poor sanitary conditions were seized in Jerusalem and transferred to destruction
 On Monday, May 30, 2016, following intelligence information, the Jerusalem District Food Service at the Ministry of Health in collaboration with kashrut fraud unit and Jerusalem municipality had conducted an inspection  near a locked up building at the end of Beit Hanina neighborhood of Jerusalem (across Atarot industrial area).

The information received stated that tons of dates were found on the street in poor sanitation conditions, some packaged and labeled as frozen dates manufactured in Israel and some in torn packages from the Palestinian Authority.
During the inspection, the inspectors had found only packaged dates marked as “packed frozen " in the Jordan Valley, but those were in poor sanitation conditions, under direct sunlight and surrounded by flys.
At the instructions of the Jerusalem District Veterinary at the Ministry of Health, about 5 tons of dates were destroyed
The Health Ministry will continue investigating the case.