Police officers spread out in 15 beaches from North to South. Within the activity recorded over 200 reports to nagimbachodshi
The Israel Police conducts summer in collaboration with the nature and Parks Authority, current activities and focused on the beaches
Against life-threatening habits: Ocean, beach and nearby roads. The weekend activities performed
15 North to South Beach Resorts.

In was off the coast of atlit, Olga-it took some invisible forces and visible, including detective
And traffic patrols, maritime law enforcement, helicopter and aircraft inspectors only Israel nature and Parks Authority. In the framework of
Coast activity recorded more than 200 reports of life-threatening offenses, such as risk life.
A man in a boat, vehicle driving in the beach of bathers and risk driving under the influence.

Olga Beach by detectives who drank alcohol driver while driving with two driving
Added. The driver, a resident of Hadera, tested for drunkenness and is drunk at 815 McLaughlin composition
Seat, license revoked and is cash.

Another captured when license expired eight years ago, and it turns out that although previously sentenced Nasser works
For 45 days and 11 months disqualified he continued to drive. The driver was arrested and imprisoned, the disabled and is
Then the day before.

At the entrance
Caesarea Beach was delayed for checking drunkenness. In the car found vodka bottles open and suspects.
As dangerous. Clearly shows that the driver, a resident of Um Al Fahm, he trashy. He and the passengers.
People in the car were detained for questioning.

Enforcement activity on informational activities performed and drunkenness “situational positions.”
Placed at the exit. Many civilians were in the sea reached their positions be examined reviewing
Drunk before you do.

Highway patrol
Israel will continue its activities in the beaches throughout the summer to keep the safety
And safety of bathers and spend.

Translated from Hebrew