33 suspects of involvement in terrorism, riots, and property crimes were arrested during operation Lily for improving the quality of life in the Middle East and Israel Police airshoteri fighters c value (iv) enforcement activity in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The purpose of the activity, which started after intelligence gathering and crime mapping in the area is to combat serious crimes the kind of riots, holding weapons, property crimes, drug trafficking, etc., and to arrest criminals that endanger public safety and quality of life.

So far detained 33 suspects of involvement in terrorism, riots and property crimes. Eight other suspects were summoned for questioning. During the arrests, was attacked by one officer. The suspect was arrested and taken to receive medical treatment.

The police along with the city improvement Department of the Jerusalem municipality and the Department of sanitation, operations for the lawful residents, workers neighborhood repair, cleaning, sanitation hazards, erasing graffiti coloring tutorials, and more.

Translated from Hebrew