The ceremony was appointed commander of the Bay נצ”מ and space תנ”צ Eliyahu as eight bouquets to Sir tzionaium space (Wednesday) appointed
Commander Adrian Lachish space Commander and replaced the Chief Elijah as eight bouquets to score in space. The ceremony.
Conducted in the presence of the Commander of the Southern District, David Segal, senior representatives of the province,
Lachish space commanders in the past, police officers, volunteers, retirees and bereaved families. Also, respect
The presence also Mayor of Ashdod Dr. Yehiel lasri and Deputy Mayor of Ashkelon, Mr. Buffy
The led is also on a bit, head of Be’er tuvia, Mr. Sparrow, and other dignitaries.

The ceremony carried out space Commander, Elijah תנ”צ, bouquets of separation. He said: “space
Lakhish is. Space stations there are extraordinary accomplishments in all fields. Exchange controls
It is an opportunity to stretch, to refresh and renew. Sure business success. “

Space Commander spoke, Annemarie נצ”מ, he noted:” I am happy and proud.
To stand here before you today. A sense of responsibility and respect, I stand here in front of you and get
By the command of Lachish “space.

Southern District: “bless me, you leave a powerful space. You deserve all praise, hope
Have success down the road. ” The incoming commander said: Ilan, to command a bit
Recognizing the abilities. Are you familiar with how to operate and lead the space to new heights. Good luck
You too “.

Matter Adrian, 44 years old, resident of the village, divorced with three children. Born in Bay City נצ”מ
Dimona, was raised and educated, BA in Oriental Studies and an m.a. in public policy and administration
Ben-Gurion University. He was drafted in 1990 to service at the border and the following year released
The OCs culminating was assigned to command positions in companies. Then performed multiple roles
Training the training base of jungle bethoron.

Later he was appointed commander of the seam and company after
Then Sir unit “Rotem”. in 2002 he was appointed to Commander Bay נצ”מ
Horizons station and then on. He later moved to direct and command course (פו”מ)
College officers and returned to the southern province, Operations Directorate of the Southern District. Most recently
He served two and a half years as Deputy Commander of space.

Translated from Hebrew