After covert operations which lasted several months, dozens of police officers raided the homes of suspects, accompanied by police dogs and arrested undercover otamsochn exerted over the past three months by the central unit
Israel brought to collect incriminating evidence against suspected of drug trafficking in the city. This morning (Monday)
First light, raided dozens of police officers, detectives, and police dogs on the homes of the suspects carried out the arrest. The suspects.
The police investigation and later in the day prompted the police to extend their detention in court.
In Ashkelon.

During the operation, the agent
Task that collected evidence for offenses trafficking dangerous than heroin, cocaine, type UM-d
And weed. Agent run among the traders who operated mainly in residential neighborhoods between concentrations of
The population of Ashdod, deals made by the suspects also published as shmsbibtam son.
Teenagers and innocent civilians.

Police estimated about drug dealers on a scale that was
“Central hub” dangerous drugs. Some of the suspects were derived,
Also, in criminal law of the gray market and collection involved in strikes against field
Loan sharking, extortion, threats, violence and arson was also suspected vehicles
As part of extortion.

These dealers gathered them many offenders property finance way
These drugs consumed was committing property crimes including household outbreaks, business and
Nowhere else is it stolen property into their pockets money in order to purchase the drug.

The agent exerted by the main unit in Moscow brought to collect evidence against
Those of covert activity and is controlled by a part of the police. The suspects were arrested this morning.
And the investigation unit. During the day.
Ask the police to extend their detention in court.

Translated from Hebrew