Conferences for candidates to the police at shibeli and Majid called is hachrosh to young to get hatgiisshni sector exposure took place today (Thursday) in the village of Shibli village station
Human resources staff and hiring of the Manager to find candidates for service in the police. Day
The exposure is intended to provide information about the recruitment process and encourage young people to serve in the police.

The Executive team will continue to haunt the Arab communities throughout the country in addition to locating land and buildings
To establish police stations in order to integrate the Arab police lines. The integration of
Young men and women in the police lineup is an important step both in building confidence and increasing a sense of

Is Jamal hachrosh, Director: “we want to be pioneers in all
Related to community activities and to serve as a lever for moves that will affect
Accelerating social processes in the Arab public in Israel. I call on this occasion for young young
Who feel obligated to their quality of life present their candidacy to the police “.

Translated from Hebrew