An interministerial activity revealed alcoholic beverages suspected as endangering public health, food products with elapsed expiration date as well as meat and fish unfit for human consumption were found.

On June 22, 2016, a joint activity was conducted by the Ashkelon district representatives of the Ministry of Health, representatives of the standardization administration at the Ministry of Economics and Industry, the Ashkelon police, business licensing and the veterinary department in the Ashkelon municipality.

The purpose of the activity was to discover fake alcoholic beverages that pose danger to public health and to enforce the law.

A variety of alcoholic beverages of unknown producers were found in the “A.B.C. Supermarket Nord Star Ltd.” enterprise.
In addition, large quantities of various expired food items, including sweets, cakes, conserves, meat products, fish and other products were found.

At this supermarket, there is a butcher store where merchandise was stored under unsanitary conditions. The items were stored at inadequate temperatures.

A total of 8 tons of the store’s products were destroyed, out of which about 4 tons were products of animal origin.

The business was closed by the business owner and will reopen only after it meets the requirements of the law.