Is Jamal hachrosh spoke to graduates of ORT braude to bcarmialaium
Tuesday Nam is Jamal hachrosh against graduates of ORT braude Karmiel in graduation ceremony
Of various engineering subjects. Chief hachrosh was invited to speak by the College President, respect
The Professor mershk lion.

Is the key word in social development. ORT braude College is a symbol and an example for this entry ”
Said hachrosh speech is. “The city of Karmiel located a reputable institution that serves as a role model.
Coexistence and integration. As head of the Executive to improve police services to the Arab public, I see
Importance in integrating minorities in the workforce and above this stage to join the police.
Significant service and challenging. There is no doubt that higher education and values education are great ball recipe
Impacts and advancement of society in Israel “.

The area I am proud of this class get residents of the Galilee to equal opportunity and the only success principle
Is the ability of adults. That I alone rest assured that you show respect where
Grow up and tachnchtam. Shaw and the professional and personal way. “

Translated from Hebrew