Cops, fighters and air unit thwarted smuggling of 31.5 kg hydraulic type drug. Nazeroamsh (v) two suspects during the operation initiated warriors Israel Police, border patrol and the air unit on Egypt border next to shizafon spotted two suspicious forces while collected packages from the fence. The fighters arrested the two suspects, residents of Ramat Hovav, pzoret and search the car found drugs hydro type weighing ק״ג 31.5. The cars, truck and ATV, used the captured suspects and filed a request to hilotam.

Activities of the special unit of the border police and Israel Police along Egypt border to prevent smuggling of drugs immediately upon insertion into the country prior to the distribution. Actions for eradicating the drug phenomenon in a number of circles using a combination of the old arms to prevent smuggling attempts along with enforcement activity and exposure.

Translated from Hebrew