Rifles, pistols, grenades, explosives and firebombs were seized as part of the activities initiated, focused and continuous itormmshtert Israel has initiated activities, focused and continuous tracking and seizing weapons and ammunition in the framework of the struggle in violent crime and especially the widespread use of firearms in conflicts in the Arab sector.

The various activities conducted in the past week in northern province seized: Nazareth found weapons from weapon type construction which Carlo self-similar to sling Carl Gustav and in another incident captured a 9-mm pistol in Kafr Kanna caught Berta and Ammo type and tuba-zngrier found a tear-gas grenade, ammunition cartridges and parts of cylinder-type assault rifle hidden in a closet.

Total seizures of weapons in the northern province since the beginning of the year: 59 guns and assault rifles, pistols, 48 78 grenades of various types, including 25 cargo 2010 build 81, Molotov cocktails, and thousands of balls in various diameters and a large quantity of detonators.

Translated from Hebrew