​The agreement will enable the recruitment of thousands of skilled Ukrainian construction workers to work in Israel, and will ensure that all their rights are preserved.

Israel and Ukraine sign agreement for employment of Ukrainian construction workers


Copyright: MFA/Israel Embassy, Kiev

​(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

An agreement between the governments of Israel and Ukraine permitting the employment of thousands of Ukrainian construction workers in Israel was signed today (Tuesday, June 7 2016) in Kiev.

Intensive negotiations regarding the agreement have been underway over the past few weeks.

The Ministry of the Interior, the Population Registration Authority and other government ministries participated in the diplomatic process to promote the agreement, which is intended to provide a solution to the acute shortage of construction workers in Israel, which will in turn expedite housing starts and reduce housing costs in the future.

The agreement was signed by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Eli Belotzercovsky. 

At the signing ceremony, Ambassador Belotzercovsky stated:

"This year we mark 25 years of our diplomatic ties, and this agreement expands the scope of our bilateral relationship. The agreement is in the economic sphere, and will be supplemented by negotiations towards the establishment of a free trade zone as well as other initiatives in political, economic, cultural and other spheres".

This is a framework and implementation agreement for the construction industry that will enable the recruitment of thousands of skilled Ukrainian construction workers to work in Israel. The agreement signed between the authorities is designed to ensure transparent and fair recruitment with no involvement of private parties, ensuring that the rights of the employees will be preserved.

The agreement will enter into force after ratification by both countries.