Thousands of policemen deployed from early morning in the East of the capital and in the alleys of the old city of Jerusalem and keep the bitachonmshtert completed preparedness for Friday prayers a month ago.
Ramadan. Thousands of police officers in command of the District Commander, major general Yoram halevy, spreading from hours
The morning in East Jerusalem and the old city alleys to allow freedom of worship
Tens of thousands of Muslims for prayer, to maintain order and safety, and arranging
The movement. Jerusalem police act firmly against anyone who tries to violate the order.

Jerusalem police urging worshippers to celebrate the holiday and the sound of the police
In the area to maintain order. Prayer to prayer via airport shuttle will at the end of the prayer.
Back to ride where they got off the bus in the morning. Permits according to the Defense Minister.

The focus of police 110 number information will be available to the public for information.

Traffic arrangements:

Due to the expected traffic congestion, we recommend not to get to the old town
Using private vehicles, sound
The police guidelines distributed by the media.

From 6:00 to block the traffic axes in wrapping the city
The old Sultan Suleiman, Wadi Joz, via Jericho, Shmuel Ben adaya, landscaping

From 12:00 to 17:00 block to traffic the following axes: Bar Lev from the national headquarters towards the South (facing traffic tunnel
Cluster), through Hebron, mariamne Street toward Uptown (through traffic is directed to
Bread), paratroopers and engineering corps.

The following block streets to traffic from 6:30 pm: Nablus road, Saladin and Omar Ben grow.

The drivers are asked to take for its axis. The public deserves.
The Western to reach by public transport. Residents enter Jewish district of Jaffa Gate.

Translated from Hebrew