Knesset marks World Environment Day with special debates and ”Green Globe” awards ceremony

(Knesset Speaker Edelstein during ”Green Globe” awards ceremony)

As part of World Environment Day at the Knesset, the parliamentary committees discussed various environmental issues, while the Knesset Plenum also held a special debate to mark the occasion.

Prior to the plenary session, the ”Green Globe” award was presented to activists and NGOs that have improved the country`s environment. The Green Globe is awarded by Life and Environment, the umbrella group for all of Israel`s environmental organizations.

”Today we are placing an emphasis on the contribution of people and organizations to our environment and our quality of life, with respect to the preservation of our planet,” Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said during the ceremony.

”This event is directly linked to the extensive and significant `green` initiative we have been leading in the Knesset over the past few years, and we can all certainly be proud of it,” the Knesset Speaker continued. ”It serves as a model and inspires entities, organizations and institutions to take responsibility for the environment and make a profound change in their approach and conduct.”

The recipients of the ”Green Globe”, Edelstein said, are ”altruistic people and organizations who work for the benefit of the public, the community and society.”

Former Minister of Environmental Protection Avi Gabbay also attended the awards ceremony. ”The Knesset is serious about environmental issues, and when such issues come up, there is no coalition and opposition, and no left or right,” he said.