In a phone conversation with US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday, Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein expressed his deep sorrow over the mass shooting in Orlando. ”On behalf of myself and all the Members of the Israeli Knesset, I wish to extend our condolences and sympathy over the tragedy that has befallen you and the death of innocent people.”

”Terror strikes everywhere, and it does not distinguish between Orlando and Tel Aviv,” Edelstein told Ryan. ”Regretfully, the people in Israel are very familiar with the feelings of sadness and rage caused by such events. We have to join hands in the fight against global terror.” Ryan thanked Edelstein for the call.

Knesset Speaker Edelstein to American counterpart Ryan: ”Terror does not distinguish between Orlando and Tel Aviv”

(Ryan, left, and Edelstein at the Knesset last April)