Knesset Speaker Edelstein to Israel Police Chief Alsheikh: Document containing extensive information on MKs is bewildering, raises questions

Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein turned to Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheikh on Tuesday following a Channel 10 report on a secret document compiled by the police in 2014 which contains extensive information on all of the Knesset’s 120 members at the time, and includes evidence regarding alleged offenses committed by dozens of them.

In a letter to the police chief, Edelstein wrote: ”Over the past few days, reports have been published in the media regarding the existence of a police document prepared in 2014 which concentrates criminal and intelligence information on Knesset Members who were serving at the time. Without, of course, casting doubt on the police`s authority and duty to investigate Knesset Members [when required], the concentration of such information in the manner in which it was described in the reports is bewildering and raises questions regarding the Knesset Members` immunity and freedom of action, and the law enforcement authorities` use of this material.”

”So far, with all due respect, I do not believe a reasonable explanation has been given for creating such a document,” Edelstein said in the letter. ”As the person in charge of [the implementation] of the Immunity of Knesset Members Law, I wish to meet with you and the head of the Investigations and Intelligence Division as soon as possible in order to understand the purpose of creating such a document and in order to make certain that Israel Police operates in accordance with the objective and spirit of the Immunity Law, and this, as mentioned before, without harming the police`s duty to investigate Knesset Members when the foundation for such an investigation is formed.”