MK Elalouf cancels Labor Committee meeting in protest against ”racist” comments attributed to new chairman of Channel 10 News

(MK Eli Elalouf, archive photo)

MK Elie Elalouf (Kulanu), chairman of the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee, cancelled the committee`s first meeting on Wednesday in protest against statements attributed to Rami Sadan, the new chairman of the board of Channel 10 News.

Sadan’s comments were allegedly made during a directors meeting of Channel 10 held several days ago.

”Let’s admit the truth, I, like you, am in the elite, hate the Shas movement and the thief [Shas chairman and Interior Minister] Aryeh Deri. But we, as the elite, need to expand the channel’s circles, and appeal to Shas’s audience, to Massuda from Sderot,” Haaretz quoted Sadan as saying.

The phrase ”Massuda from Sderot” is a derogatory term for a Mizrahi woman from a development town in the periphery, such as Sderot.

Elalouf said, ”I apologize to those who bothered and came to the meeting, but I am closing it immediately. I thought it would be proper to cancel the meeting as an act of protest against the racist comments that were heard in the media, particularly those attributed to Rami Sadan. There is no room for such a person, who expresses racism and insults people while holding a public position. I never belittle the first name of anyone, from any ethnic group. It is time that we fight this phenomenon.”

MKs Ilan Gilon (Meretz) and Abdullah Abu Maaruf (Joint List) praised Elalouf`s decision to cancel the meeting.