Pollution from Bus, Haifa. Photo: Ilan Malester

MoEP Director General: We Must Deal with Vehicular Pollution from Diesel
Pollution from Bus, Haifa 
Photo: Ilan Malester 
Coming up with solutions for air pollution is the most important task for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, since pollution is the cause of excess morbidity in Israel. That was the message from Director General Yisrael Dancziger at a conference at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, on June 21, 2016. 50% of pollution in Israel comes from transportation, most of that caused by diesel vehicles. Therefore, noted Dancziger, we must focus our efforts on reducing vehicular pollution from diesel vehicles.

​MoEP Director General Yisrael Dancziger: "Despite their relatively small share in the domestic car market, 90% of vehicular pollution comes from diesel vehicles, most notably taxis, trucks, and buses. Therefore we are focusing our treatment on these vehicles. Currently in Israel, we are not even at 1% when it comes to clean, alternative fuel vehicles. A revolution is required in this field, and we have already begun it.

We in the MoEP are dealing with all sources of air pollution across the country, including air pollution caused by vehicles. Inter alia, we are promoting clean transportation alternatives. Over the past few months, we’ve already launched a program to subsidize the purchase of electric buses and hybrid taxis around the country.

Within this framework, we’ve also published Call for Proposals and tenders for the purchase of particulate diesel filters, most of them in the Haifa Bay area. Also in Haifa, we will soon complete the preparations necessary to declare Israel’s first Low-Emission Zone, where polluting vehicles will be prohibited from entering. We’ll soon expand this program to other cities, such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Thes cities also suffer from vehicular air pollution, especially in the downtown areas and along major transportation arteries."