National oil spill drill, June 2015 Photo: Dror Arieli

National Oil Spill Drill to be Conducted in Northern Israel
National oil spill drill, June 2015
Photo: Dror Arieli
A large-scale, national oil spill drill will be held in the Mediterranean on June 21st and 22nd, 2016. Dozens of agencies, local authorities, international organizations, and factories will take part in the exercise, which will be led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP). Note that there will be extra movement of ground forces, ships, and aircrafts on the beach in the area of the drill, along the coast between Haifa and Rosh Hanikra, in Israel’s north.

​During the exercise, a scenario will be played out in which a large amount of oil will "spill" in the sea and on the beaches. The drill is part of Israel’s National Contingency Plan for Preparedness and Response to Combating Marine Oil Pollution. The MoEP routinely conducts such drills, in order to assure prompt and effective action that will minimize damage during an actual marine pollution incident.

Those taking part in the drill will carry out a variety of oil spill treatment activities at both the local and national level, including:

  1. overhead flights to survey the damage;
  2. understanding the potential movement of oil slicks through models that include data on currents and waves;
  3. overhead spraying to disperse oil slicks;
  4. use of oil pollution treatment systems, such as vessels with special equipment for blocking and pumping oil;
  5. deployment of equipment and personnel for the treatment and cleaning of polluted beaches; and
  6. communication with international and regional entities in order to coordinate joint actions to treat the pollution.