The relations between existing Commissioner Ronnie 212 comprehensive briefing addressed the reality of public trust, security, civil service and changes to the mshterhium
(Iv) there is a Chief of police Ronnie רנ״צ
212 briefing reporters at national landmarks. Here are the issues which were raised at the briefing.
And the Chief of police’s acceptance to issues.


Years Israel Police dealing with much of the security burden in the country. Reality.
Because the writing has become the front, which also has significant Israel Police. This is a situation
Requiring of us a special preparation and challenging. Although the latter presumably applying
Significant increase in the number of attacks (66 events in October 2015 compared to nine events in may
2016), there are quite a few incidents in which officers hit terrorist activities before they occur.
Even nowadays we continue to put an emphasis on prevention and prevention, especially to increase
The sense of security of the citizens. “

The public and civil services

Other organizations, public confidence in the police force, for better or worse, through direct meeting of the COP.
In the civil area The policeman gets quite a few decisions in a split second and not simple conditions, and we
To implement the service. We do quite a bit of impact on the conduct of all
A police officer and facilitator in the field of service. Indeed, according to the findings of various surveys exist.
Consistent decline of public confidence in the police (from 2012 until 2014), but the service survey
A recent public and servicing of government ministries revealed that 83% of citizens are satisfied
Of the service they received from Israel (conducted among 9,000 civilians who received the police service). “

The public is a fundamental issue that the police should treat him and make him great influence. Has been towards
The end of the year an unprecedented survey scope clean on the issue of public attitudes and feelings in order to handle
What requires טיפול״.

And various processes for police.

אמו”ן (strategy, prevention and management focus) is designed to give the police the tools to produce the effect.
The issues that concern the citizen. Today you can see the results on the ground buds
And this is thanks to the strenuous activities of police officers together with other authorities and law enforcement officials. In order
To produce this effect, we mapped the themes concern the citizen. As part of the organization.
The police stations in the community providing attention and means and pose them in front of the corporate activity “.

“The target.
One is to improve the accessibility to the citizens of servicing. In most cases meeting officers
The station with normative, civilians at police to be welcoming, to address issues,
To help the community, away from crime and to engage in prevention. “

The struggle

Various crime challenging Israel Police both nationally and in the international arena.
In this context, there are quite a few quality of life offenses where we focus more on
The treatment of the classic crime and serious crime. Based on our records, there is a decrease
Consistent with the reported crime, especially offences abundance (burglary and property crimes). Side by side
There is an increase in the crimes (of weapons) and we are focused on this issue quite a bit.
(Increase in the number of detainees and the indictments). In the field of agricultural crime managed to brake in months.
The latest rise was and we act vigorously against criminal gangs and workers
Of an optimal connection between border guards and Intelligence Division. Alongside these we continue
The ongoing struggle in serious and organized crime. “

The carnage.
The roads and traffic accidents

On the subject of sore and we take him seriously. We worked to pass the budget for addressing the issue
The Israel national police and added tadpano and budgets for optimal treatment. In days.
We are performers © moves are strengthening the wing movement. Can cops to reinforcement of
Prioritization of quality manpower to the core, and mobility-including the intensification of annex
The movement. In addition, we must also work to strengthen capabilities and changes in legislation. Currently we
Identify the brake relative to previous years in the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads,
But this is a huge challenge and correct us long “.

Organizational culture, values, and norms on the force.

Think I made longer work in subject before trying. We have unique tests
For many officers and we make them too wide context insights to identify improper norms
And problems that may arise before the set. These tests help us to filter significantly.
At the entrance to the Organization, the existence of appropriate control procedure promotes officers, particularly in prevention
Situational. Thankfully the majority of the senior officer corps had successfully tests “.

Human resources

“In the context
It made changes to the emergency procedure of the cops and the promotion procedure. We buy
Jerusalem District police in order to reduce the amount of enhancements required by the procedure. Today we
Many engaged in recruiting officers to shorthno without compromising the quality. Since the beginning of this year.
Recruited more than 900 policemen and policewomen for a variety of roles (a rate of 1,800 police officers per year)
Compared to approximately 1,500 officers was Israel Police in 2015. In addition we
Emphasis on multiculturalism in the Department both in recruiting and training process. Subject
It also generates necessarily deepening of police services among different populations in society
Israel “.

Translated from Hebrew