The numbers speak for themselves: over 30,000 sorties were conducted in the flight and ATC division’s simulators in the past year. This week, a force wide “Simulator Day” was held in which the numbers were revealed and social involvement in and out of the division was discussed

Shachar Zorani | Translation: Ohad Zeltzer Zubida

The simulator division is considered significant and central in the IAF’s routine activity for a good reason: throughout the past year over 33,000 simulator sorties were conducted in the flight and ATC divisions’ simulators, with the end goal of conducting 30 percent of the IAF’s training sorties being in simulators by the end of current decade. “Your position is very significant”, said Lt. Col. Sivan, Head of the IAF’s Training Research and Development Branch, to simulator instructors in the division’s seminar that was held this week. “You directly affect the improvement of the IAF’s readiness and fitness, which are a decisive factor in victory”.

“The IAF is undergoing significant processes at this time”, added Lt. Col. Sivan. Among these processes there are the changes in Operational HQ, and in the Air Division’s organizational structure which came into force in the past September with the goal of improving the quality of training and exercises in the IAF. A Doctrine and Instruction Department was also established in the Division. Lt. Col. Sivan testifies that in IAF HQ, there is an understanding of the significance of the instructors’ activity and the importance of their work. Significant work is being conducted in order to take the world of simulators another step forward.

“This is an activity-full period, but also a challenging one. On the one hand, the UAV Division is strengthening and the preparation for the arrival of the ‘Adir’ is at its peak, and on the other hand there are significant challenges in the field of manpower regarding the shortening of the service period. We are a significant part of the defense of Israel, so we are required to be more efficient and significant”, said Lt. Col. Sivan.

Over 30,000 Simulator Sorties in the Past Year

Photography: Guy Ashash