Is Jamal hachrosh and his team explore Tamra for promoting the construction of the station in the area, which serve toshbimapailot 35 thousand to build police stations in the Arab sector persists: this morning (Monday) reached hachrosh, the head is Jamal manages to develop a police services for the Arab sector, and his team Director Tamra and with city officials explore the city to promote the construction of the station. The principal team in collaboration with the construction Department officials at national headquarters review the structure for suitability for the construction of the station became dozens of police officers and increase the number of police officers who provide police services and quality available to 35,000 residents of Tamra and its surroundings.

Jamal hachrosh is concluded with the Mayor of Tamra and plan necessary in promoting the topic so far received hundreds of inquiries from local residents in order to service them. Is Jamal hachrosh: “I am encouraged by the interest rate, especially given the period of Ramadan. I hope that at the end of the period will increase the rate of requests and we can find many candidates.

Translated from Hebrew