PM Netanyahu Meets with Polish Foreign Minister
Photo by Kobi Gideon, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this afternoon with Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski and told him at the start of the meeting, "We have a growing friendship and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss in concrete ways to make it even stronger."
The Prime Minister added: "This is a worldwide problem, obviously, of rampant barbarism that attacks all of our societies. And I think the civilized nations must band together. I said this yesterday at the meeting with the NATO ambassadors, and I say it again to you. And I also say that we should not only cooperate on matters of fighting terror, but to cooperate in other matters – of technology, of trade. You have a robust economy. We have a robust economy. And I think the more we cooperate, the better it will be for both our peoples."
Polish Foreign Minister Waszczykowski said: "We have a chance today to discuss the situation in our regions – in your region, in my region. Both our countries face difficult problems, conflicts and sub-conflicts around, but at the beginning let me convey to you condolences because again there was a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. So please accept my condolences and please let me convey the condolence to the victims of the attack." He added: "There is a great opportunity, a great chance to develop a bilateral relationship, and you know, the Israeli technology can help us improve our situation, economic situation, and to develop our country further."