The reform that was initiated by the Minister of Health, Ya’akov Litzman, regarding use of cannabis for medical and research purposes will be put forward for government approval on Sunday (June 26, 2016).

The proposed decision will anchor in a government decision an updated action outline, this following the publication of the outline draft for public comments.
The action outline is intended to ensure, first and foremost, that not only will the products used by the patients be manufactured under adequate quality conditions, but that they will be dispensed in the pharmacies, as is customary in the field of medications.
In addition, the Minister of Health will continue to broaden the circle of those authorized to approve the use of medical cannabis by patients, with the aim of improving the service to the public in this area.
Minister Litzman said on the subject that “the government decision is another stage in the reform to regulate the use of medical cannabis. Our goal is to arrange the field in a way that patients who need cannabis will get approval fast and with no unnecessary bureaucracy and that the supplied cannabis  will be of high standard and accessible in the pharmacies similar to medications.”