Jerusalem Post
Yediot Aharonot
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Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press


​The Jerusalem Post addresses recent statements by PM Netanyahu regarding resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, and states: “The initiative that Netanyahu is pushing seeks to flip the conventional order of peacemaking. The Oslo model, the Arab initiative and the French initiative are predicated on the idea that a negotiated peace with the Palestinians would be a precursor and a necessary precondition for peace and normalization with the whole Arab world; Netanyahu hopes to change the order.”

Haaretz comments on the release of Palestinian parliament member Khalida Jarrar after 14 months in an Israeli prison, and states: “Jarrar was a political detainee, and her detention was a political detention.” The editor argues that “No security situation justifies the detention of a Palestinian legislator for her public activities,” and asserts: “The increasingly violent resistance to the occupation does not give Israel and its security apparatuses a license to deny liberty to innocent people.”

Yediot Aharonot is alarmed by indications that Israel is moving towards a classic financial crisis similar to that in the United States at the beginning of the big financial crisis of 2007-08. The author notes that housing prices are at a record high, loans to households are being generously provided and the government is providing incentives to homebuyers while neglecting the escalating distress in the manufacturing sector. Pointing out that the country’s leadership is focusing on relatively trivial economic issues, the author asserts: “The wolf is already here, and you’re busy looking elsewhere.”

Israel Hayom notes that in contrast to the widespread misconception, Jerusalem is not mentioned at all in the Quran, and points out that Jerusalem was noted for its importance in Islam mainly when the city was ruled by non-Muslims. The author that now, with the return of Jerusalem to Jewish rule, ‘al-Quds’ is once again of the utmost importance to Muslims and declares: “UNESCO recently ruled that the Temple Mount and Western Wall are Palestinian sites. This decision, which was disgracefully supported by many Western countries, merely emboldens the Muslims in their tendentious pursuit of eliminating Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Let us not fool ourselves: For them, this is nothing but the first step on the path to destroying the State of Israel.”

Globes perceives that political and economic conditions in the US portend a permanent cooling towards Israel, and states: “Two-thirds of a century is a long time for a special relationship to last. No-one should be surprised if it is beginning to unravel. The government and people of Israel should begin immediately preparing for a future in which such a relationship devolves into just another foreign policy partner or opponent, based on individual national interest.”
[Sever Plocker, Ephraim Herrera and Norman Bailey wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Israel Hayom and Globes, respectively.]