Integrated investigation unveiled for committing fraud line, tax and money laundering in connection with manpower services, totaling hundreds of millions of קלים19 people were arrested this morning (Monday) and some
More were delayed for questioning, on suspicion of committing fraud line, and whitening
Venture capital in the context of staffing services. As part of these activities, conducted searches in forces suspects.
And their offices and seized documents, relevant materials and purchasing and accounts for forfeiture requests.

According to friend suspected several causes, some dealers
In the field of manpower services to businesses whose unlicensed services, one
Never traded at the stock exchange as a public company, and created a systematic mechanism of false reports, transactions, production and inflation offsets and convert fistful invoices funds, in order to generate profits in the fraud and scam
The tax authorities and social security and the Department of the Ministry of economic regulation is the regulator in the field
Manpower services.

According to the suspicions about the extent of the estimated at more than $ 200 million.
The investigation is a joint investigation team consisting
The Israel Police’s national squad, customs investigations and the SPCA and a clerk in the Palestinian Authority Affairs
Taxes, spur יח”א social Center, the intelligence unit of the enforcement office series
And with the assistance of the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. The investigation follows from its inception by the Department.
Special cases legal VAT tax authority.
Due to the fact that one of the currency service providers
According to the suspect involved in the case is a public company, updated as needed securities authority officials.

The suspects are suspected of committing crimes attributed to receive anything.
For aggravated fraud, aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, violations of prohibition
Money laundering, violations of the law on VAT and income tax, and employee rights.

Translated from Hebrew