A woman was injured in the resulting wall of stone throwing by masked men. The increased readiness of Jerusalem timshchchohot Israel Police continue to work to maintain the order and security on and around the Temple Mount: this morning began masked threw stones and objects at the Mugrabi gate. As a result, one woman was injured in a stone in the Western Wall Plaza and was treated on the spot. The troops forced the rioters and arrested 11 suspects. Throughout the day suspected and arrested 19 suspects in total violations. Yesterday (Monday) arrested five suspects.

The disturbances lasted even today, even though it was decided to close the Temple Mount to visitors until Thursday. Israel Police see the hardware the rioting and stone-throwing civilians and police forces and work hard for accountability with the rioters. The increased readiness of the troops instead will continue, especially the old city and the Temple Mount in order to prevent further disturbances. At the same time ongoing dialogue continues with the local leadership to act to safeguard peace instead.

Translated from Hebrew