The exercise ends in combating serious crime where measures have been advanced for the first time. The Commissioner examined the functioning of the shtachagef forces and Israel Police Intelligence exists in recent days large-scale exercise to prepare for various scenarios in combating serious crime. Among the scenarios rehearsed: locating criminals in different terrain, foiling a kidnapping by using weapons, prevention of violent robbery and drug prevention.

As part of the exercise started, most measures are classified, some recently developed or purchased and used in operational practice. Took part in the various units of the Israel Police, investigation, and intelligence operations, including special undercover units.

The police Chief, Ronnie relations 212, accompanied the exercise already during the planning phase and fixing the aims based on contemporary and future situation of crime in Israel map and past events. The Police Commissioner in the area of test deployment of forces and functioning, flow of information, cooperation between units, using methods and decision-making processes. Upon completion of the exercise and a summary investigation was held in collaboration with all participating units and commanders.

“I was very impressed with the cops, rehearsed tools and abilities here, reflected in the everyday actions of police,” said Police Commissioner in conclusion. “Israel Police officers take part in thousands of activities and dealing with countless challenges daily. I am sure they know how to use the correct tools and capabilities that were introduced and rehearsed. The ability to deal with the huge challenges continue and extend for the personal safety of the citizens of Israel. “

Head of investigation and Yitzhaki, intelligence, am added: “there are many threats that face them requires running the impressive practiced these days. The challenge is opened providing professional quality of intelligence and interrogation organized synchronously and log of all disciplines and powers.

Translated from Hebrew