More than 500 fighters to take part in the campaign of my appreciation for the contribution of the force and mshterhium
(Tuesday) was the trip to the Druze community members as a sign of appreciation and recognition of the great contribution to
And Israel Police, contributed to the State of Israel and its citizens security.

Than 500 officers, and cadets in training border warfare marched along a journey they carry
Israel state flags, border patrol and the Druze. The inaugural voyage replaces the traditional
Held regularly involve seven rookies ceremony and officially join the ranks of apprentices
Israel Police and get to wear the uniform for the first time. The journey, which began on Mt. Arbel, ended
With a grave encircled – Nabi Shu’ayb, spiritual and cultural centre of the Druze and the sacred place

At the end of
The official ceremony, attended by the spiritual leader of the Druze, Sheikh mwafaq Tarifa
Border guard commander, kobby Saturn, a border police commander in the past, Hussein (retired)
Fares, the training base of the border police, major general Shimon dadon, the Druze, gentlemen officers.
And fighters.

The establishment of the border in 1953 formed the Druze community members an integral part of the building in force.
The force lines serve many Druze militants, including senior officers, in which he is
(Retired) fares, is the first Druze. Many Druze Warriors also hyperspace
Border guard, who acts alone for State security, the latter of which is Superintendent jad’an
Assad, who was assassinated in an attack at the entrance to override conservative base.
The Jerusalem border in November 2014.

The establishment of the State until today we are witness to sacrifice, courage and loyalty of the Druze community towards
The State of Israel, “said a border police commander, is Saturn. “Throughout the years of the existence of
The border and Israel Police, partnership of the Druze community and their contribution to the security of the State of Israel
Been in Fez.

The Sheik
Maddening greeted the warriors and said: “such an honor was cut to have a special day and think it’s him.
The border saluting the Druze community members serving in the force. The special relationship built on love and Alliance fighters.
. Border symbolizes more than the relationship between the State of Israel. The Committee members are
In the apply to thousands of warriors is the Druze community members.

Translated from Hebrew