The government has approved today (June 26, 2016) the proposed decision regarding use of cannabis for medical and research purposes

The reform that was initiated by the Minister of Health, Ya’akov Litzman, regarding use of cannabis for medical and research purposes was approved this morning (June 26, 2016) by the government.
The action outline is intended to ensure, first and foremost, that not only will the products used by the patients be manufactured under adequate quality conditions, but that they will be dispensed in the pharmacies, as is customary in the field of medications.
The Ministry of Health will continue to broaden the circle of those authorized to approve the use of medical cannabis by patients, with the aim of improving the service to the public in this area.
Minister Litzman: “The government has decided today regarding an important reform, which I announced a several months ago. The reform will do justice with thousands of patients who need cannabis for medical purposes only.
There is no reason why someone who needs cannabis for a medical purpose should have to suffer and to go through unnecessary bureaucratic path; therefore a change is needed in the state of affairs existing today.
I am against legalization, do not mistake my intentions. Along with the easing for those who need medical cannabis, we will tighten the control in order to prevent the possibility of trickling, and the police will take care of that.
The medical cannabis will reach those who need it through the pharmacy, like medication, like morphine, etc. We will expand the list of doctors authorized to approve cannabis and will ease the situation of the population of suffering patients. I congratulate the Prime Minister, as well as the cooperation between the government ministries, Internal Security, Treasury, Agriculture, Justice and all the ministerial professional teams – that joined forces for the promotion of this important reform quickly and thoroughly.”