The Ministry of Health is publishing a report on visits to emergency medicine departments – geographic properties in 2012-2014, with the aim of showing geographic properties of patients visiting emergency medicine departments at general hospitals

The publication visits to the emergency medicine departments – geographic properties, 2012-2014 is a regular publication of the Ministry of Health that indicates geographic properties of persons going to emergency medicine departments in general hospitals. The information is based on a report of all general inpatient hospitals (28 hospitals) except for hospitals in East Jerusalem. The publication was prepared by the Information Division as part of a series of regular publications on activity at hospitals.

The age standardized rate of visits to emergency medicine departments at general inpatient hospitals without hospital visits in East Jerusalem was 353 visits per 1,000 people on average in 2012-2014. About two thirds of the visits were due to illness, about a quarter for extrinsic causes and about a tenth due to childbirth.

A difference was found between various regions and towns in the age standardized total visit rate and rate by reason of entry. The total rate of visits to emergency medicine departments is higher in the Northern District compared to other districts. These differences were also found in the rate of visits due to illness and due to extrinsic causes. In contrast, in the Jerusalem District and in Judea and Samaria, the lowest rate was recorded, probably as a result of the activity of Terem dispensaries in and around Jerusalem. In addition it should be noted that reports were not made from hospitals in the eastern part of the city.