Two terrorists were arrested after they opened fire towards the inhabitants of a coffee shop in the complex. Police presence at lishka places homie kalaarb
(Iv) close to 9:30 p.m. reported for Sharona complex in Tel Aviv. Following the shooting, were injured.
Several people who were sitting in a coffee shop in the complex. Shortly thereafter another reported shooting in the street.
The four were nearby. Medical officials ruled the death of three wounded.

The terrorists were arrested, one of them wounded. The weapons were seized in their possession. When the event opened.
Investigation in cooperation with all stakeholders.

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The assessment by the Chief of police, relations between Rooney and 212 Tel Aviv District Commander, major general
Moshe (Chico), total ridzuan on increasing police presence in public places and who. Can
To return to normal life but must be vigilant and report any unusual event focused on 100, he will be tested soon.

Translated from Hebrew