Jerusalem police, commandos and volunteers will be deployed to maintain public order, security and property, and the tnoahamshtert completed preparedness for Jerusalem day which will take place on the Spree and 5.6.16 Shmuel hanavi to be held between 4-6.6.16.

Jerusalem Day (5.6.16)
Jerusalem police, commandos and volunteers will be deployed to maintain public order, security and property, and particularly the second movement the main events that take place in the city: the parade of flags and State ceremony at ammunition Hill.

Jerusalem police will be visible and undercover police should act decisively and uncompromisingly opposed to any attempt to violate the law. The police discovered zero tolerance towards any discovery of physical violence and/or verbal, admiring all the tools at its disposal against the outlaws and take them to the full extent of the law.

The police call the flag parade participants to follow the instructions of the organizers, to follow the totals, to avoid any detection of physical and verbal violence and allow the event to take place as an experience and a significant cultural celebration, maintaining order and law.

The flags-lists the traffic arrangements:
• Between 00:00-blocked to vehicles the following streets and routes leading to them: Bezalel, King George, Keren Hayesod, Agron, Yitzhak kariv, King Solomon, King David, Jerusalem, Jericho, Sultan Suleiman, way up, route 1 (national headquarters South junction), the Hasmonean priests from Hebron road. For more information refer to 106 municipality.
• Public transport axes will be conducted. For more information refer to bind 2800 *.

A State ceremony at ammunition Hill
Details of the traffic arrangements:
• Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.-relations vehicles Abdulaziz St.

Jerusalem day rally in Yeshivat Rav Center ‘
Details of the traffic arrangements:
• 17:00-workshop for street traffic Tzvi Yehudah Herzl Blvd. between 1240 transcendence.

Shmuel hanavi binge (6.6.16-4)
Jerusalem police preparedness focuses on top hinges to the tomb of the Prophet Samuel, Nabi Samwil, and tthogber mobile presence to safeguard the safety of the party, maintaining public order and traffic arrangements to facilitate the public to revel and prevent traffic at the entrance to the site.

Details of the traffic arrangements:
• You won’t be able to find or adjacent places in private vehicles.
• Arrival to be upstaged by regular service routes and airport shuttle only from two sites:
Parking at the bus terminal (Mirsky St.).
Parking is Ofer.
• The fleets will lead the Congregation until the entrance to the site perimeter and from there continue with special transportation to the grave.

• During the celebration (4:6-16) starting Saturday, 4.6.16 until Monday, when the revelry 6.6.16 run around the traffic arrangements:
436 road from Mount node levels to Samuel.
One travel lane intended for private vehicles and the other designed for public transportation and shuttle vehicles.
Passenger arriving since Giv’at Ze’ev towards Jerusalem, and since levels because of Giv’at Ze’ev
Up to noon 436 Road will be as usual. Starting at noon, 1 pm, be among the road (404).

Jerusalem police calls to the public to be patient and to follow the instructions of police officers on the ground.

Translated from Hebrew