Israel Police prepared to maintain the safety and security of participants and events to boost the tnoahachl of the evening will be held in Tel Aviv
“White night” event. Israel Police prepared to maintain security and
The safety of participating in various events and direct traffic. The policemen will be deployed on your
Enhanced throughout the city. Please follow the instructions of police and reported them for anything suspicious.

Because the events are blocked to vehicles
The following streets:

Allenby blocked traffic from the colonies to Herbert Samuel, in both directions.
Rothschild will be blocked to traffic from main street to Marmorek in both directions.
Ibn Gabirol blocked traffic until King Shaul Arlosoroff, both ways.
Herbert Samuel, Kaufman will be blocked to traffic from Jerusalem until in both directions.
-On the street
Independence blocked the movement westward toward the Boardwalk.
Jerusalem will be blocked to traffic heading north from Ben Zvi Street.
Rokach Blvd. hayarkon Street blocked to traffic from Ibn Gabirol Nordau Blvd. up in both directions.
From 6 pm will be blocked off and the following streets: Yehuda margoza, olei Zion, Marzook helped,
Nahum Goldmann, the clock toward the dome, Raziel and internal streets at the flea market.

Depending on traffic congestion and the cost will be
Additional obstacles in order to facilitate the flow of traffic to the West of the city. During the night an Israel railways work reinforced
Until this morning. Public transport authority shall spend arlozerov train station (savidor) and there
Run the lines to all the events in city parks.
From midnight until
6 public transportation will Allenby, Ben Yehuda and their complex back to CBS
Tel Aviv arlozorov station (savidor).

Parking available
Public authority to spend:

Port area
Tel: Hilton 2, 241 hayarkon Street, reading a demon pharmacist/the cemetery, build
A demon, Gabirol pharmacist, the pharmacist, a miniature golf course, Namir Ave. Tel Baruch prafs, 2040.

Rabin square complex:
Basel Basel Street garage, ishtori haparchi, Solomon ibn Gabirol-century tower, lot 124 old scan
Ben scan/, Center-savidor WIS WIS 18, Golda Berkowitz 7, Tower
4 Berkowitz Museum, Kaplan Street and violinist, inzi arlozerov train/convert.

In the complex: at 13, Nahum Goldmann
The end of the rebellion, Kaufmann, Carmel kalisher 65/London, Gan, Yarkon 83 sites 1 independence
165, Jaffa port 1, 5 Tel Nordau conquistadores Frishman Nur, 25, 2, Daniel
55 hayarkon Street, the Carmel market, Daniel 24, Sussex Kaufman 16.

Allenby complex/grusberg parking grusberg Rothschild
16, Dizengoff Center, the parking lot immediately Hoberman/Marmorek, Mughrabi Allenby 25,
Parking lot 6, Idelson Idelson Nahalat Binyamin track 68, Allenby Allenby, 115
Loewenstein 23 Menahem begin, Beit Rubinstein, 37 Menachem sonol Tower 52 Menachem Begin, home
Hadar, train 3 Rothschild Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 1 heart Montefiore 35.

In the area south of the city, Jaffa port, parking garage:
Bloomfield College, parking garage, elifelet, effort.

Arrival to the parking lots and block axes are
On the day of the event, we recommend the app WAZE
For the drivers.

We call for vigilant not to hesitate.
To call the police through 911 anyway it cost 100 suspicion towards people, vehicles or objects
These suspects to be treated quickly. Note: the different areas is not possible
Peddlers, not allowed in animals (except dogs live), bicycles and electric bicycles, not allowed
Alcohol consumption in public is allowed entry of cables arriving when they drunk, not allowed
Inserting any object that might endanger the public.

Translated from Hebrew