Hundreds of police, fighters and secure the volunteers participating in the parade. It is recommended to arrive to tziborithmshtert transport area Israel has completed the preparedness for pride parade to be held in Tel Aviv Friday between 12:00:00. Hundreds of police, fighters and secure the volunteers participating in the parade. In addition to securing the party work in visible and invisible forces to prevent and thwart criminal offenses and traffic work increased significantly in order to assist the drivers.

Israel Police calls to the public, vigilant and help contribute greatly to the police, and not to hesitate to contact one of the officers in the field or to call the police through 911 100, in case of suspicion towards people, vehicles or suspicious objects

The public is requested to follow the instructions of the policemen are deployed in enhanced powers to keep them safe.  Police are asking for the public’s alertness and cooperation essential.

The procession and the parks events not allowed inserting sharp objects, weapons, dangerous toys, Fireworks, pyrotechnics, alcohol, animals (except guidance dogs), bicycles and electric bicycles.  
Parents travelling with children should be vigilant and keep an eye on their children.  
In no event will be hawking areas.  
The public is asked to be patient against the imposition of limitations are made solely of considerations of public safety and public order.
Israel Police operate efficiently to the police authorities in all aspects of licensing, especially for businesses who sell unlawfully and hazardous materials. 

Traffic arrangements:

The parade route 1): exit bogersov/tchernihovsky intersection (West), independence Park to the right (North), left (West) to Frishman, Herbert Samuel (South) to Charles Clore Park.

2) from 9:30 am will be blocked to traffic the following streets:
· King George Street is blocked to traffic in both directions from Allenby to Dizengoff; Tchernikhovsky Street blocked to traffic from bogersov; Hashmonaim Street blocked to traffic Gulf wildlife.

3) from 11:00 will be blocked to traffic the following streets: bograshov blocked traffic in both directions from King George to Ben Judah; Marmorek Street blocked to traffic heading West from Ibn Gabirol; Arlozorov Street blocked to traffic heading West on the corner of Ibn gvirol Street; Ben Yehuda Street blocked to traffic in both directions from Allenby to arlozorov; Allenby Street is blocked to traffic heading north from the colonies to Herbert Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel; Blocked hayarkon Street to South Street on the corner of Nordau;

Also blocked movement hayarkon Street North of Joseph Halevi (Gan conquerors) and excellent; Pharmacist, Solomon ibn Gabirol-node traffic blocked West (Tel Aviv); Herbert Samuel Street and Kaufman will be blocked to traffic to Jerusalem Blvd.; Jerusalem Avenue blocked to traffic heading north from Eilat to Ben Zvi Street;

Also blocked for moving the cross axis of the procession.

4) from 7 a.m. not allowed vehicles parking on the parade – bugrashov, Frishman, hayarkon, Herbert Samuel and the surrounding streets Meir Park, King George and tchernihovsky intersection. Bring lawyers into parked car.
· Avoid using vehicles to block streets.

We recommend that you use public transport. To have the service centers and Web sites: Dan, Egged and kavim regarding changes and past bus stops at the temporary traffic arrangements. On the day of the event are highlighted and block access to WAZE app, we recommend the drivers.

5) public drivers participating in the event are asked to use the following parking lots during the approach to the car park: Hutchison-Nahum Goldmann 13
Until 11:00; -Stop the rebellion/65 Kaufmann
Until 11:00; Ein Ya’akov-16 6
Until 11:00; Carmel
Until 11:00; Conquerors-Joseph levy 5 until 11 a.m.; London garden-83 hayarkon Street
Until 11:00; Gruzenberg. gruzenberg 16 until 11 a.m.; Dizengoff Center Dizengoff.
Indefinitely; Stage-Huberman 1 indefinitely; Jaffa-indefinitely; Elifelet 4
Indefinitely; Bloomfield-live 11
Indefinitely; Hypo-College fought Yeruham 2

Powers law to maintain public security:
Pursuant to the authority, the Tel Aviv District Commander for an order under section 6 on the law authority to maintain public security, 2002-2005, which allowed a police officer to search for the flesh, to see if he carries weapons illegally, even if there is no suspicion against him.
The announcement in March 2016 million day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and the presence of a person refers to the streets and places found in gay pride event area and surrounding it.

Translated from Hebrew