Is warm oak Office as police and Security Department at the ceremony. He replaced the retiring Aharon axol iron after 37 years of irotehium (Sun) held at the national police college graduation ceremony of command substitution of security and policing (Operations Directorate)
In the presence of the Chief of police Ronnie relations 212, the outgoing Wing Commander Aharon axol iron head
The Division is bound to, and the Israel Police’s command, family officers
And the officers and Department are invited.

Aaron axol iron passed by oak stands at the command of Operations Directorate at the end of three years, join
A series of senior command positions them performed in 37 years, 32 years in Israel, police
Total, rich service for national defense, including the Deputy Commander, Commander Ayalon, space
Commander College for senior officers, Deputy Commander and Commander of the Tel Aviv District.

Relations between Rooney, 212, stands in his new axol iron thanked him for welcome activities
For more than 30 years in senior positions and led operations Directorate in professionalism and excellence achieved
In the period consists of improving operational readiness for each scenario. Another noted: “bad man
Connect and manage special baishiesch can continue to contribute to society in all that you do.

The Police Commissioner
Greet incoming Division Head, saying: “the responsibility for leading the wing passes today for your faithfulness,
When the country is going through a period full of events both on both social security and screens
Every day, hour, on operational readiness. The first police through the cockpit of the ‘ saifanit ‘,
Today I’m promoting you to cockpit of Israel Police and wish you much success.

The ceremony carried axol iron good-byes “stands have a quality and professional police, standing police
And many and complex challenges, as the State police should be proud of and a lot
What “.

The Division is bound to, said: “the word ‘ serve and protect ‘ encapsulates the idea.
All members of the headquarters and the field, the following public servants of the public and workers. Annex
Do you want to send professional arms deep into the community, community policing activities alongside classic policing
Prevention enforcement side, the right balance and the right size.

Translated from Hebrew